Cashrain.gif Small Savings constitute a major resource to execute welfare activities of the Government.

Money.gif The Directorate of Small Savings is mainly concerned with the promotion of various Small Savings Schemes formulated by Government of India. Small Savings Schemes are implemented through the Department of Posts, and 15 year Public Provident Fund Scheme is implemented through Head Post offices as well as Banks.


50% of the net collections under Small Savings is returned to the State by the Government of India as long term-soft loan. The long repayment schedule makes it an excellent resource of the State for investment in improvement /development of infrastructure like Roads, Drinking water, Sewerage, Hospitals, Schools etc. In order to increase the resources, the State Government is taking all efforts to mobilise Savings. 

Money.gif In the present financial market,where a large number of private financial companies have disappeared, Small Savings offer the best and safest avenue of investment of household savings. Small Savings scrips are guaranteed by Government and thus completely secure.

To play a predominant role in inculcating the habit of Savings & Thrift among the General Public, Students, Employees in all Government & Private establishments.
To implement Small Savings Schemes through Post offices and Banks.
To mobilise Household Savings in the State for investment in infrastructure projects in the state. 
To appoint Small Savings agents both in urban and rural areas & to monitor their performance.
To disseminate information about Small Savings to the nook and corner of the State through various media and to create awareness among the people.
To implement & monitor special schemes of the Government of Tamilnadu like Incentive & Award schemes for Investors, Agents, Local bodies, Students, Institutions etc.


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